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"This Event will create an impact in your life"
"This Event will create an impact in your life"
- Michael Schlesinger CBS News Anchor
Reserve Your Tickets To Self Reset Power
Reserve Your Tickets To Self Reset Power
Sept 7th-8th-9th 2018  
Alfot Hotel Downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Self Reset Power Event FAQ's...
Who is this event for?
Career Professionals 
Business Owners
Management / Leadership level
Determined Individuals ready to create an impact in their life.

Never Heard Of Self Reset Power, What Is It?

You’re looking at the most important event in the Midwest. An event that can change the trajectory of your life. It’s a big promise, but the methodology, information, and frameworks provided at this event have been tested by 100s of people over the past four years. This stuff works! 

Consider this: There are 52 weekends in the year. What if you invested in one weekend, just two days, that could massively impact the reset of 2018 in your 5 life drives. The 5 life drives are: Health, business, family, connection, and yourself.

Would the investment of just 2% of your weekends be worth it? Let me ask it to you this way. 
• If you invested $97 to get your mental and physical health running like a locomotive, would it be worth it?  
• If your relationship with your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend was on fire, would it be worth it? 
• If your day was full of energy, clarity, meaning, and production, would it be worth it? 
• If you stepped beyond your fear to do that one thing you have been wanting to do for years, would it be worth it? 
• If your business started to reach more customers while making a bigger impact, would it be worth it?

These are just a few outcomes that have happened from Self Reset Power 2017. None of these outcomes just happen, but they do happen with action and the right tools. 

This is a once a year event that will create power in your life. If you don’t have everything you want in your life, it’s time to do something about it. 

Join us for Self Reset Power 2018. Have questions? Need group tickets? Contact us today!
What Will I Walk Away With From The Event?

When you walk out the door, at the end of day two of Self Reset Power, in your notebook you will have the tactics, frameworks, and a proven game plan to take control of these five life drives.   I consider health, work, family, connection, and self happiness the five life drives. 

To achieve that kind of outcome in our life we will easily learn technical and proven methodology in the 5 key achievement principles.  

They are: Theory, Restraint, Production, Command, and Reaction.  

These five achievement principles are our benchmarks to guide us from average achievers to AA status! (AA = Awesome Achievers)
What does my Ticket include?
- 2 day event access
- Morning snack, lunch and Dinner of day 1
- Firewalk experience on Saturday Night + Transportation
- Bonus
What are the dates of the "Self Reset Power 2018" Event?

Sept 7,8,9 2018
Where will the event be held?

At the Aloft Hotel Downtown Milwaukee, WI. 1230 N Old World 3rd St, Milwaukee, WI 53212

Click this link to get reduced room rates during your stay for the event,  If you have issues booking your room reach out to my team at
What are the times of the event?

More details to follow:

7:30-9:30 pm Out of Town Guests, Meet and Greet
0830 Check-in 
0930 Event Starts
0930 Event Starts
0930 Event Starts
4 pm Event Ends

Will food be provided?

Will I Walk On Fire?

Yes, You will have the opportunity to walk on 1200 degree coals with the group. There are numerous safety measures and a mandatory pre firewalk presentation to ensure a safe and fun firewalk. If you choose not to participate you can still watch and support the other attendees.   The firewalk is not mandatory, but it is pretty freaking awesome!
Can anyone attend this event?

Yes, but if your under the age of 18 years old you must be accompanied by an adult.  
What Topics Will Be Covered At This Event?

The course material has been derived over the past 4 years and has impacted on over 100's of people from around the world. There will be guest speakers, break out sessions, and actionable frameworks for you to fill out and use immediately when you leave.  
Can I Bring My Spouse or Guest?
For a limited time you can buy a ticket for $297.00 that will allow you to bring a guest.
Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?

Notify our office 30 days before the event, Please send an email to
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